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In several California counties, and around the world, concerned citizens are working to bring ballot initiatives before voters to ban or limit the growing of "genetically modified" crops. These individuals and grassroots groups have little financial interest in working toward a limit on the expansion of GMO crops. Most just want to keep GMO's out of their communities until further research is done on the effects GMOs may have, especially in food crops. Genetically modified foods may not be safe for human consumption.

Currently, foods in many countries including Europe, Australia, China, and Japan must be clearly labeled if they contain ingredients that have been genetically modified. When clearly labeled, these items do not sell, and manufacturers are forced to remove genetically engineered ingredients from the products. Polls by Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology show that over 90% of consumers in America believe foods with genetically modified ingredients should be labeled. The good folks at The Campaign are working to get GMO foods labeled.

Find out more about why you should be concerned about GMOs:

Buy the informative book by Jeffrey M. Smith: Seeds of Deception and work to get GMO foods out of our schools.

Read what the WHO (World Health Organization) offers on GM food safety and Biotechnology.

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